• Teri

New Normal

As we near the end of our semi-mandated quarantine it's up to us to decide what "our" new normal is going to be. Each person will have to decide what that new normal looks like for their families and themselves.

The majority of citizens have taken the quarantine seriously. It's not about us getting the virus, but protecting those who are at high risk from becoming seriously ill or dying from Covid 19. It's possible to be a~symptomatic for more than a week and have no idea how many people you're infecting.

I want to know what you're thinking. What kind of precautions have you taken? What kind of precautions will you continue to take? Will you continue to wear a mask in public, use hand sanitizers and anti-septic wipes? Once the quarantine is lifted are you going to run to T.J. Maxx and hit the first restaurant that opens or are you going to wait?

How will we restaurants protect patrons and servers? Will the retail industry continue practicing social distancing and for how long? How will the playgrounds of America keep us safe in their theme parks, concert's, major sporting events? What about Vegas??? Will you ever go to another buffet again? Will opening up the world this soon bring another outbreak of the virus?

As it stands today, our family is going to wait. I'm high risk and so is my daughter Kelli. I'm not going to be comfortable until I see what happens over the next few months. Am I being overly cautious? Only time will tell.

Let me know what you're thinking and how our state, country and the world should re-open our doors to the world.

God Bless us all.

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