A little About Me

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I was born in the last year of the baby boomer generation. I'm blessed to remember the values and strengths of the greatest generation.  Born in Northern California and moved around a lot and ended up in Las Vegas my senior year of high school. Lived in Nevada from graduation until my oldest daughter graduated high school when I ended up in Utah.  One of the most breathtakingly beautiful states in the nation.  


I'm a survivor of sexual, verbal, mental & emotional, abuse.  I was married at 20 for 27 years to an unhappy and angry man.  He filed for divorce after our youngest graduated high school.  Now, I'm a single full time caregiver to my middle daughter who had a stroke after open heart surgery before she was 2 years old. 

She's been sick since the day she was born and will be until Jesus takes her home. There have been 5 neuro~surgeries between 2 daughters and more surgeries than we can count. Plus I have an auto-immune disorder called Sjögren’s Syndrome that can be physically and mentally exhausting.  I'm very sure this disorder was caused by stress.

But more importantly...I'm a believer in God who has saved me in more ways than I can count.  Jesus is my Rock and carries me when I can't go on.

I'm a devoted mother of 3 daughters and a grandmother to 3 amazing little people who light up my life and make me smile from the inside out. 

I'm.a women's ministry leader at church and it gives me great joy to share life with these women.

I believe God has allowed things in my life to provide women with support, love, compassion, wisdom and hope. I'm also a professional Pinterest fail artist, pretty good cook, neat freak, (trying to relax that habit a bit) and love traveling and spending time in our nearby mountains.

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